Early Years
Dwivedi’s father, Shri Dayarambhai

Dwivedi’s father,
Shri Dayarambhai

Prabhulal Dwivedi was born to Shree Dayarambhai and Shreemati Phulbai in Virpur, Gujarat, on 15th November, 1892 .

Prabhulalbhai’s grandfather Shree Premji Hirji was a Diwan in the state of Virpur.

Dayarambhai was an administrator. A devotee of Saraswati, Dayarambhai had written two books “Brahm Putro Updeshak” and “Kavya Sahitya Abhiruchi”.

In story sessions with children, Dayarambhai shared tales from the Bhagwat Purana, Bhagwad Gita and Upanishads. Prabhulalbhai visualised epics & mythology in a unique manner, which reflected in his writing.

Prabhulal Dwivedi’s birth place in Virpur, Gujarat

Prabhulal Dwivedi’s birth place in Virpur, Gujarat

Walking ten kilometres to a school in Jethpur everyday, Shree Prabhulal Dwivedi studied upto standard five. To see his very first play “Sangeet Lilavati”, he actually sold some of his precious book collection to garner 5 annas for the ticket.

Dayarambhai had five children, three sons and two daughters. The eldest, Maganlal, went to Karachi seeking work & younger siblings Prabhulal and Prataprai followed him.

A very young Prabhulal Dwivedi

A very young Prabhulal Dwivedi

At 17, Prabhulal earned a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and started working at a salary of Rupees Twelve per month in a workshop.

His passion for reading led him to read a wide range of Gujarati, English, Sanskrit & Bengali literature collection at the Karachi Library.

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