End Of An Era
Prabhulal Dwivedi

Prabhulal Dwivedi

On January 31st, 1962, Kavishree Prabhulal Dwivedi breathed his last. Barely conscious in his last days, the Gayatri Mantra didn’t desert his lips.

Kavishree had written over sixty plays, twenty two movie scripts, and more than fifteen hundred songs in his career. His work tried to communicate how an ideal society should be. In colloquial Guajarati, it meant ‘Samaj kevo hovo joiye’ and not ‘Samaj kevo che’.

His last recognised script, “Vidya na Varas” was staged after his death. He wished and believed that his writing would be relevant for future generations.

His mantra for life and his work as said by him in a song was ‘Vardayi veenadharini, bhav taarini, tam harini, vardayi vachak banine maa sharda mangu ek vardaan, taru tav charne dhari mangu jan kalyan’.

It meant:
O, boon bestowing, Goddess Saraswati, holding a Veena in your hands,
One who can take me across this worldly river,
One who can take away all the sorrows,
To that Goddess I ask for a boon
By bestowing to you what is forever yours, I pray
For The deliverance and happiness of mankind.

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